Troubleshooting Problems With Your Wireless Dog Fence – Part One

Below is a list of the problems most often faced by wireless dog fence owners. If your issue has more to do with training your dog, please refer to our Training Academy for more help.

Why Is My Dog Not Reacting To The Static Correction?

There are a few reasons this could be happening:

The collar is not fitted properly. If the receiver probes are not coming in contact with your dog’s skin, the static correction will not be delivered. (Remember not to take things to the extreme though; the collar can’t be tight.) If your dog does not flinch and/or scratch his neck at all when getting too close to the boundary, this means the collar is not fitted properly.

A signal interference has been introduced. It’s possible that since installing you wireless fence and setting the containment perimeter that something changed in the layout of your yard or the room where the transmitter is installed, messing with the fence signal and changing the actual location of the boundary. Read our article on reducing signal interference to check whether this is the issue.

Check correction level settings. Someone might have accidentally switched the correction level to “1” which on most wireless fences means only a beep will be emitted, though no static correction will be delivered. Make sure the setting is a minimum of 2.

Batteries are out. This one is obvious. If there is no working battery inside the collar, the receiver will not work and it won’t deliver a static correction. Always keep a spare, loaded battery around the house.

Transmitter has been disconnected. If the fence transmitter is not connected to an appropriate power outlet, the whole system will stop working and no correction will be applied regardless of whether your dog approaches the containment boundary or not.

Why Is The Collar Not Emitting An Audible Beep?

Again, there are a few different reasons why this might be the case:

  • No charged battery inside the collar.
  • Collar receiver is switched off.
  • Transmitter is not plugged into a power outlet.
  • The location of the boundary might have changed due to signal interference.

Additionally, please remember that the signal emitted by the collar is not loud on most wireless fences, and nor was it intended to be; it’s just loud enough to be heard by the dog wearing a collar, but a human might not hear it, even if walking right next to the dog and especially if your environment is noisy. There are a few ways you can check if this is the cause of the problem:

  • Put the collar around your dog’s neck upside down, so that the receiver is facing upwards and towards the sky. This way you’ll see the collar LED light flash as the receiver starts beeping, signifying a working collar.
  • Take the collar off your dog’s neck and, while holding the collar in your hand, approach the containment boundary with the collar positioned around the same height as your dog’s neck, and with your ear relatively close to the receiver. This will guarantee that you’ll hear the beep when it’s emitted.
  • If your wireless fence package came with a tester (all the best wireless fences include one), use that to check if the collar is working properly.

If non of the above help, you might have a non-functional collar, or the speakers might have been damaged. In that case you are only left with the option of contacting the manufacturer and requesting help.

My Dog Is Deaf And Can’t Hear a Beep, What Should I Do?

If your dog is deaf or has very bad hearing, hearing the beep of the collar receiver will be next to impossible. In that case, your only real option is getting a wireless dog fence with a vibrating collar; in these models, the regular audible signal of the receiver will be substituted with a gentle but noticeable vibration.

Please continue to part 2 of our troubleshooting guide for more information.


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  1. Collar beeps all the time and dog still walks out of his area.
    Collar issue or Unit and where can I get this tested/fixed?

  2. just had a collar sent to me put it on my dog and she acted as if she got shocked. when trying in out with out the dog I can not hear the beep and i dont get shoked

  3. I have a rf 1010 transmitter, it works but 2 dogs are crossing the line and the collars work, on side of my transmitter it has a blessed a b c, what does it need to be set on, it states b is checking if it works with a 10 foot wire making a circle, need help on this. Thanks

  4. The transmitter all of the sudden isn’t working. There is no light on in the front. Collar is charged but when walking dog no signal. Is there something I can try for the transmitter?

  5. Can you tell me why my petsafe containment system is beeping & both red lights are lite up. I’ve changed the 9V battery in my dogs collar but it continues to beep. Thank you.

  6. Containment works in only two directions, facing the front of the transmitter it works right and left but not front or back. Can you offer an explanation or help. System is 3 years old, original collar. We use it at home and when we go camping. we have a trip planned next weekend so help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. We had a break in our underground wire but used the wire break locator to fix the problem. The wire break locator is now showing a solid connection throughout the loop. However the transmitter is still beeping. We did a short loop test to ensure the transmitter is working. What would cause the continual beeping at the transmitter?

  8. I have a great dane and use the stubborn dog petsafe fence. The collar beeps but it is not affecting her anymore. Could it be that she is too tall for it? And if so what can i do to fix it?

  9. Just got my KD-661 two collar wireless fence set. I charged both collars for three hours each. Neither collar will turn on. Not very pleased with my $150 purchase!

  10. I can’t get the batteries out of the collars. I used a flat head screw driver and the plastic piece on the battery is chipping off. I guess they were over tightened. How else can you get the battery off?

  11. So as someone with a background in industrial engineering more turbines that circuits, and working on my cyber operations degree so have taken wireless communications course, I cant understand why there isnt a device that can read the signal strength for these type of devices. Generally it should have a optimal signal strength and a level that when below device becomes unreliable. Yes the collar prong tester is available but im talking pure visually obtainable data so owners can test the radial circle to see where interference spots may be, then use the collar tester to set flags for training. Must investigate type of signal and see about making an option for the different devices. If interested in what i find or if i am able to make an tester potentially would like one send me an email or find me on google+ and tell me what brand you have. Website listed is down currently but mine.

  12. We have a KD661W Wireless Pet Fence System and the collar beeps intermittently whether she is in the house or outside. It beeps when she is not even close to the boundaries. Please advise.

  13. Both receives are charged and will not turn on and I have tried resting it but don’t seem to do any thing what do I do.

  14. PETsafe boundary width did change but I didn‘t change any parameter on transmitter nor cable in ground. How is it possible that the width is 2 to 3 feet smaller than yesterday?

  15. Hello,

    The collar was on my dog when he came into the house and I switched if off at the wall before taking the collar off. I heard a continuous beep only to discover the collar was beeping and my dog was very panicked. Can you help? Best, Sharon

  16. We have the perimeter pet collar that works with our invisible fence we changed the batteries but we can’t get the collar to work any suggestions

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