Step 5: Taking Your Dog on a Walk

Congratulations! You have successfully trained your dog to respect the boundaries of your wireless fence (and if you haven’t yet, please refer to our step by step guide). One last step remains, and that is to to teach your dog to leave the containment area under human supervision when going out for a walk.

Start By Removing The Receiver Collar

Before you ever take your dog outside the Pet Zone, you want to remove the wireless fence receiver collar. This is absolutely critical; even if the collar is switched off and no static correction would be delivered, you still want to remove it. You want your dog to associate leaving the Pet Zone with the absence of the collar.

Pick a Spot

It is also critical that you choose one specific spot, for example the driveway, or any other place that is constant and never moves or changes. You will want to both exit as well as enter the Pet Zone through that spot, every single time and without exception.

Attach a Leash

When leading your dog out from the containment area, a regular collar must be attached, along with a leash. A person (the one who is taking the dog out for the walk) should be holding the leash at all times while the dog is being led out from the Pet Zone. It’s important for your dog to associate leaving the containment area with both a leash and a human being accompanying the dog.

Lead Your Dog

While holding the leash, lead your dog and exit the Pet Area through the specific spot that you chose earlier. At first, it’s very possible that your dog will resist leaving, in which case you should say something like “OK” in a firm but non-stressing voice. Do not carry out your dog on your hands; make sure to lead it until it exists the Area on its own accord. Once the dog is successful, praise it and give it a treat. Don’t forget to re-enter the Pet Zone through the exact same spot as you leave it.

After a few days, you will notice your dog will become very comfortable with the whole process. There will no longer be a need to give your dog any treats once it exits the Safety Area.

The Car Method

Just as you can take your dog out on a walk by driving it out with your car during former training phases, you can still do so after all training has been completed. However, it’s a good idea to get your dog used to exiting the Pet Area on on its own feet, as long as its accompanied by a human with a leash attached and when while not wearing the wireless fence receiver collar.

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