PetSafe Stubborn Dog Radio Fence Review

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Radio Fence Review

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Max. Dogs: Unlimited
Correction Levels: One level of vibration; Four levels of stimiluation
Coverage: 1/3 acre with tarter kit; expansion accessories available
Supported dog size: 30 pounds and over

The first step in any consumer consideration, especially for your fuzzy companions, is to evaluate both the pros and cons of all of the options.


  • Fits canines 30 pounds and above
  • Is waterproof
  • Features four levels of correction stimulation with vibration plus one that is vibration only
  • Has both vibration and audible correction warning
  • Requires a common, 9 volt battery
  • Features a light to indicate that the battery is low
  • Has wire break detection
  • Features fail safe
  • Simple assembly and set up


  • Battery is not rechargeable
  • Starting kit only supplies requirements for training one animal
  • Not recommended for use with small dog breeds
  • Should not be used on dogs undergoing rehabilitation for injury or disposition
  • Not recommended for canines who are overly anxious or aggressive
  • A professional vet should be consulted before using on rescue animals

What comes inside the package?

  • Nylon base dog collar
  • Transmitter
  • Power Adapter
  • Receiver unit
  • 9 volt battery
  • Wire nuts
  • Waterproof splice capsules
  • Test tool
  • Owner’s manual
  • Training and installation guides

Is this training product harmful to animals?

The Stubborn No Wire Dog Electric Fence system uses 4 levels of harmless stimulation levels. It emits an audible warning tone before correction and also possesses a vibration warning which is excellent for canines who may be hearing impaired. It may also be used to train healthy, senior dogs as well. Many dogs quickly learn to retreat from no go zones upon audible and/or vibrational warnings before correction stimulation is emitted. This system can be manually set to vibration correction only, if you feel it is best for your pup. None of the intensity levels will harm your fuzzy companion in any way. The wire fence contains magnets which the receiver detects. When your baby decides to roam where he/she is not supposed to, the collar emits mild correction stimulation.

Can I use this to train more than one dog?

Yes. The initial starter kit has everything you will require to train one of your dogs in an area of up to 1/3 of an acre. There are accessories available which allow you to train an unlimited number of canines as well as extend to an area of about 10 acres. These accessories are available on numerous websites. It is important that you purchase compatible products from the PetSafe manufacturing company. Extra wire is available. The amount required depends upon the amount of run area desired.

  • 1,000 feet of wire covers 1 acre
  • 1,500 feet of wire is required for 2 to 3 acres
  • 2,000 feet of wire covers 4 to 5 acres
  • At least 4,000 feet of wire is required for the full 10 acre area
  • In order to contain multiple canines extra collars are available
  • Stubborn Dog Fence Collar
  • Deluxe Ultralight Collar
  • Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Collar
  • Elite Little Dog Collar

My dog is my hunting partner and gets quite muddy. Can I throw the collar in the washing machine?

No. You must first remove the stimulation unit and then hand wash the nylon collar only in mild soap. The unit can be wiped down with a damp cloth, if it gets dirty. Never submerged it in water. Ensure both the nylon dog collar and the correction unit are thoroughly dry before replacing them around your animal’s neck. The collar should be hung loosely until it is dry. Do not put either of them in the washer or dryer. The collar is waterproof and it will not harm your animal or the unit, if he/she must diver into the river to retrieve your duck.

Will this collar fit my Pittie?

This collar is designed to fit animals who weigh 30 pounds or more. This generally includes medium, large, and certain extra-large breeds. It should be appropriate for most Pit Bull Terrier breeds. It is not recommended that you use this collar on small, extra small, or any breeds who are under 30 pounds.

Is this Stubborn No Wire Dog Electric Fence system suitable for my rescue babies?

In most cases, it is perfectly fine to use this system to train rescue animals. It is not recommended for use, if the animal is extremely aggressive, shy, or anxious. In some cases, it may be better for him/her, if he/she is rehabilitated through any behavioral issues prior to training him/her with this system. Using the collar prior to behavioral conditioning may result in extremely negative behavior. It should not be used to instruct dogs who are rehabilitating from injury; aging to the degree of debilitation; or on puppies who are under six months of age.

What if my dog is extremely stubborn and the system does not work to train my baby?

This product will work to correct most dogs who are extremely stubborn; however, that is not an absolute guarantee that it will be appropriate for all animals. If it does not work for your fuzzy baby it does include two type of warrantees. This is a Lifetime Warranty on the components and one year warranty on labor. If the one year labor warranty has expired, the system may still be repaired by the PetSafe Company for a nominal labor fee. If both warrantees are current and the system cannot be repaired, the PetSafe Company will replace the covered parts. It is important to visit the official PetSafe Company website to register this product immediately upon receipt to activate all warrantees. Print this information and save all documentation that was included with the product packaging.

Will this fence system work on any mammal?

No. This should only be used to train canines who are healthy and at least six months of age. Using this collar and fence system on any other animal species is not recommended. It is important to note that using it on a wolf breed canine or any feline may result in extremely negative and/or violent behavior.

The Stubborn No Wire Dog Electric Fence system by PetSafe I an excellent training method for even the most obstinate dogs. It includes two types of warrantees just in cases of any manufacturer’s defects. The system may be used with any number of canines and each unit uses an ordinary 9 volt battery. The collar unit also features a light indicator to let you know as soon as the battery needs replacing.

If you’re interested, make sure to check out’s price on this fence before purchasing.

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