Perimeter® Wire – Free Wifi Dog Fence Review

Perimeter Wire Free Dog Fence Review

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Max. Dogs: 2
Coverage: 2 1/2 acres (200 ft. radius)
Dog Size: Medium to large breeds twenty pounds and up

At a Glance: Perimeter® Wire – Free Wifi Dog Fence


  • Features 8 levels of correction
  • Provides a large protection area
  • Battery is lithium ion and rechargeable
  • Is waterproof
  • Features power failure backup


  • Certain structures can interfere with its signal
  • Perimeter is not quite as large as the claim
  • Capability is only for a max of 2 canines
  • Inconsistent signal

What does the Wifi Dog Fence include?

  • Base Smart Station transmitter
  • Transceiver and nylon base collar
  • AC Transformer
  • Comfort contact probe set
  • 2 lithium ion rechargeable batteries
  • 12 volt charging adapter
  • Set of 50 boundary flags
  • Owner’s manual

How does the Perimeter Tech Dog Fence operate?

This system is intended to train your canine to stay within a certain boundary. The two main components of the Perimeter Tech Dog Fence are the PetLink Collar and the indoor Smart–Station Base. The base station constantly measures the relationship of distance between your dog and the base while he/she is wearing the transceiver collar. If your dog exceeds the limit, the transceiver emits an audible tone and a harmless static stimulation correction. The systems will notify you, if it loses signal or, if you dog is challenging the boundary.

Will this dog fence hurt my fuzzy friend?

The emissions from the PetLink transceiver are not harmful to your dog in anyway. The static emission is very low level. The transceiver features a safety feature which will cause the emissions to cease. In the event that your dog travels outside the boundary, the collar emits an audible emission that is 1 second long as well as a 5 second, static emission. This is repeated for two more sequences. If your fuzzy baby is stubborn and remains outside the perimeter after that, the device will only emits audible corrections.

How do I recharge the Perimeter Tech device

  • The charge station is located in the rear of the indoor Smart-Station and you need to remove this.
  • You must insert the rechargeable battery into it with the positive end up position. There is a circular concave marking on the upper end of the battery to indicate which is positive.
  • You will have to wait approximately 6 to 8 hours for the charge to complete. The battery indicator light will pulse while charge is in progress and be constant when the charge has completed or if no battery is present. The station has the ability to charge three batteries at once.
  • You must charge the lithium ion battery before using it for the first time. This also requires about 6 to 8 hours. The supplied battery has the ability to recharge 300 times in its life. Only the batteries offered by the Perimeter Company for this specific model should be used with this system. The batteries for this system should never be used with any other product, not even one manufactured by this company.

How does the power failure feature function?

You should insert a completely charged battery into the charge port furthest to the left on the Smart-Station. This will act as a cordless battery backup system which will operate for about 8 continuous hours. It is strongly recommended that during this time you locate your animal and ensure that he/she is secure until the power returns.

Do I need to contact an internet service provider?

No. This system does not actually require any type of internet service. It also functions on an 802.15 signal which will not interfere with your current internet signal.

How much room will my dog have to roam?

The package insert specifies an area of 2.5 acres or a 200 yard radius; however, this is not always the case. Your dog’s roaming area will be an average of about 2 acres. There are also some signal issues. This device does not work well in areas that have many large trees or metal storage buildings. The presence of these objects will often cause the transceiver and transmitter to lose contact.

What dog size is the Perimeter Tech Wire – Free Wifi Dog Fence intended for?

  • This system works for any canine that weighs 20 pounds or more. It is not recommended for animals that weigh less than 20 pounds which are usually tiny and small canine breeds. It generally does not fit extra-large breeds either. Medium and large breed canines generally fit within this category.
  • Most breeds considered tiny are about 8 pounds or under.
  • Small breeds weigh about 9 to 22 pounds.
  • Medium breeds weigh approximately 23 to 55 pounds.
  • Large breed canines weigh about 56 to 100 pounds.
  • 100 pounds or more indicates an extra-large breed.

Will this system keep my cat in my yard?

It is never recommended to use this system on your cat or any other species besides canines. Felines, specifically, react poorly to devices such as this and its use may evoke very undesirable behavior from your feline friend.

Important Safety Notes

– You should not use the Perimeter Tech system on a rescue dog. These animals often have emotional issues in the beginning of their rehabilitation. It should also never be used on any animal with psychological or physical disorders of any kind. Its use may exacerbate any chronic condition or disrupt rehabilitation of any kind including that from injury.
– You should not leave your fuzz companion alone while he/she is wearing this device.
– You should check your baby’s neck for sores about twice a week or so. If you discover any type of irritation, remove the device and let the area heal. Ensure that the collar is not too tight before replacing it around your dog’s neck.


Overall I would say that this is not a very good wireless dog fence, and I’d recommend checking out one of our top 3 picks instead. If you still want to get this one though, check out’s price.

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