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Havahart wireless dog fences are produced by Woodstream Corporation with a registered Havahart Wireless trademark, which launched its first fence for pets in 2010 after well over 9 years of research and preparation – the well-known Havahart Radial. This fence was the best selling model on the market for well over 2 years, until Havahart released an upgraded version of the system – the Havahart Radial-Shape Select Fence:

Havahart Radial-Shape Select Fence

Havahart Radial-Shape Select Fence

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Our Review
Correction Levels5
Beep-Only SettingYes
Signal ReliabilityExcellent
Max. Dogs2
Coverage11 acre (840 ft. diameter)
Receiver BatteryRechargeable
Collar Neck Size14" - 26"
Min. Dog Weight8 lbs.
Min. Dog Age6 months
Training Flags Provided75
Transmitter Measurements12.1″ (L) x 6.5″ (W) x 1.2″ (D)
WarrantyTransmitter: Limited 10 years; Other Parts: Limited 1 year
Water Resistance (Collar)Water resistant

At the moment, we consider the above to be the finest and highest quality model available on the market, and it’s what we recommend to anyone thinking of getting a wireless system. It’s also the only Havahart system that we review on our website, and not without reason: while the most recently released model is the Custom-Shape system, which allows you to set a dog containment area in almost any shape you choose and without being restricted to circles, the boundary tends to be quite unstable making the system undependable (not to mention the rather steep price). TheHavahart Radial-Shape Select Fence on the other hand strikes the perfect balance: it provides for very large signal coverage while simultaneously having the most stable boundaries of any wireless fence on the market.

What Do Havahart Wireless Dog Fences Have in Common?

There are a few features which all Havahart wireless pet fences have in common:

Support For 2 Dogs

The control units of their systems can support a maximum of 2 dogs/pets; so if you need to contain more pets than that, you should go for a PetSafe model. Your package will come with only one collar, so the second one will need to be purchased separately.

Unique Control Units

Havahart’s control units (transmitters) give you direct control over everything related to your wireless fence:

  • Adding and removing new collars
  • Checking each collar’s battery status
  • Changing the correction settings for the probes
  • Checking how far a collar is located from the transmitter

All of the above and more can be done with just a few presses of a button on the main control unit, from inside your house.

Excellent Coverage

Havahart’s wireless dog fences have a much larger coverage than any other system in a similar price range. For example, the PetSafe Stay And Play can contain a circle 210 feet in diameter, while the Havahart Radial 2 can manage up to 500 feet (and even 800 if you don’t mind more pronounced boundary instabilities), despite costing almost exactly the same.

Spectacular Signal Stability

The Havahart wireless systems have an unrivaled signal stability, meaning the containment boundary will stay pretty much exactly where it should without any wobbling. The level of stability is comparable to wired underground fences, and is over 200% better than in any other wireless fence, including those handled by GPS.

To give you an example, the PetSafe Stay and Play will have appriximately a 1.5 to 2 foot boundary wobble in a 105 foot radius containment area. The Havahart Radial-Shape Select on the other hand will have merely a 0.4 foot boundary instability, and that’s despite the radius of the containment area being over three times as big (700 ft diameter).

Adhesive Mounting Strips

The transmitters on Havahart Wireless Dog Fences are small and light enough that they can be mounted to a wall with adhesive strips and without using any screws. As such, every package you order will include a set of adhesive strips and a detailed instruction manual on how to use them (it’s not difficult, though a little harder than you might expect).

Testers Always Included

All Havahart systems come with a tester that can be used to check whether the collar is working properly and to detect the exact moment it is activated. Many other manufacturers do not provide a tester, while other models come with ones that need a few minutes to be properly attached to the receiver probes before the tester can be used. Havahart’s models come with elegant testers that need only be placed close to the collar for them to work properly – no installation is required.

Battery Life

This is possibly the only downside to these systems; the batteries are depleted rather quickly, especially the rechargable ones that come with the Radius systems, which last between 2 and 3 days assuming regular use. Luckily, Havahart provides two rechargeable batteries with their packages, making it possible for you to always havea fully-charged unit at hand for immediate use when the other one is depleted.

Battery Conservation

Havahart’s collars have installed motion detectors, which automatically turn the receiver off whenever your pet is not moving. This extends battery life and without this feature, you’d probably need to recharge your batteries daily. As soon as your dog starts moving, the motion-sensor will recognize this and automatically re-activate the collar.

Boundary Challenge Notification

Whenever a dog wearing the receiver collar approaches the containment boundary close enough for a correction to be delivered, the Havahart main control unit will sound a clearly audible Boundary Challenge alarm, immediately notifying you of the situation. You can manually configure the volume levels of this alarm using the main unit settings as well.

Havahart Product Warranty

All of their wireless dog fences come with a two-fold product warranty:

  1. A 10 year warranty on the main control unit (the transmitter).
  2. A 1 year warranty on the collar and all other parts that came with your fence.

Pet Retreat Reaction

This refers to the distance the dog wearing the collar needs to retreat before they stop receiving a correction. In other words, as soon as the correction starts being delivered, the dog will need to retreat a certain number of feet for the correction to stop; simply going back to where he was right before the correction started being delivered is not enough.

Havahart’s wireless models have the finest retreat distance in the industry; around 7 feet, compared to 15-or-so where PetSafe and other models are concerned.

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  1. I’ve had my wireless fence for 4 years. It all of a sudden stopped working. Holds the shock on constantly!
    Will warranty cover this?!?

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